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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The hill where the wind is seen

The island is linked to the land in the suspension bridge.
And the scenery from the observatory seems to be a panorama.

The other side of the island is the Sea of Japan.

The fisherman fishes in the vicinity of Korea border of about 100 miles front north from here.
This area where a wave is very loud, and fast flow of the tide.

It is called "The Genkai Nada (sea)" in particular.

Several fishermen can't come home every year.
Beauty and Strictness. . .

I have a feeling that the strong wind takes my body somewhere.

Here is Yobuko,
Saga Prefecture.


  1. Tout est si magnifique chez toi et ce pont il est très invitant... ce bleu c'est un bonheur !

  2. le pont est vraiment impressionnant et les paysages magnifiques !

  3. Una fotos belleisimas con unas vistas espectaculares y unos cielos preciosos, un fuerte abrazo

  4. Beautiful photographs!
    I love Japan...

    I'll be back, I have some catching up to do here.

  5. Great pictures Ruma. It is so great to see Japan through your lens! Come visit Levonne's Pretty Pics when you have a minute and let me know what you think of my newest images.

  6. Los puentes siempre me han gustado, son un lazo de unión entre las dos orillas.

    Unas fotografías preciosas, con el azul del cielo ¡es tan hermoso nuestro planeta!, gracias por darnos a conocer la otra orilla.

    Un saludo.

  7. ruma, this is beautiful place, rock and sea landscape, endless blue sky.. but.. harsh climate makes it place to difficult to live. especially for small, delicate Japanese women :) isn?

  8. Lo más hermoso el color del cielo, es espectacular!!
    Un abrazo!

  9. Nice photos of a beautiful place!

  10. Hi Ruma
    you took the most of you pictures
    with a very low horizon, so we become a great
    view at the blue cloudy sky....
    very nice pictures...


  11. Espectaculares y bellas tomas. Felicitaciones. Saludos
    Ramón -España-

  12. I love pictures of bridges and this one and the area that surrounds it is gorgeous. We have a large suspension bridge that connects the Upper Peninsula (U.P) of Michigan with lower Michigan. The bridge is called the Mackinac's towers reminds me of this one!

  13. Ruma un lugar hermoso.

    Saludos desde
    Creatividad e imaginación fotos de José Ramón

  14. Beautiful bridge and place, Ruma !

  15. Desde este puente que es mi ordenador paso a saludarte.
    Me encantan los puentes y el viento que hace que lleguen sonidos lejanos.

    Desde España con calor.

  16. Great photos, Ruma! Congratulations!

  17. Hola Ruma!!! Como siempre, impresionantes tus fotos. A través de tus ojos nos enseñas bellos lugares. BESITOS Y SALUDITOS ESPAÑOLES.

  18. Gracias Ruma por mostrarnos tanta belleza a través de tus fotos, enhorabuena.

    Desde España un beso


  19. Beautiful landscapes, as usual.


    CR LMA

  20. Nice place and i like it..

  21. How absolutely peaceful and refreshing. Love these shots.

  22. Very beautiful pictures Ruma. Thank you very much,

  23. Nice curved bridge. Yesterday, we had new comer's lunch and I volunteered to child care. There were two girls who have just come from Japan. Dad's a Japanese and mum is a Chinese.

  24. amazing perspective on the first photo. what a dramatic scenery.


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