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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cherry Blossom Coming

The flowering information of the cherry tree is announced in everyday news now.
The cherry blossoms are special treatment in all.

In the collection of Japanese photographs, "cherry tree or blossom" relations are published most a lot.
Probably it may be made with them in many libraries.

The person caring for the cherry tree is called "桜守 (SAKURA MORI)" in particular.
Only a cherry tree has such a name.

いにしへのならの都の八重桜 けふ九重ににほひぬるかな
 伊勢大輔 (989?-1060?) : 詞花集, 百人一首(no.61)

A double cherry blossom in full glory at the capital of Nara gorgeous in old days. In the Imperial Court of the capital of this Kyoto, it blooms beautifully as ever today.
 Ise no Taifu (989?-1060?) : 
Shika Wakashū, Hyakunin Isshu (no.61)


  1. Muito bonito. Me encanta árvores floridas. Lindissimas fotos. A primeira foto tem um toque especial. Parabens.

  2. Wow, so many cherry blossoms! I have never seen before!

  3. I love seeing the cherry blossoms especially with the beautiful blue sky. I just realized that I have only seen them in pictures. I hopr to see a cherry blossom in nature someday.

  4. FANTASTIC! Soooo beautiful. It really lives up to the wonderful stories I've heard of their beauty.

  5. Прекрасни снимки!Поздрави!

  6. Fabulous photos!!!Cherry blossom are so spectacular!

  7. Hola, Ruma, cada entrega tuya es un poema a esa espectacular belleza de los cerezos, pura, elegante y colorista, con apuntes líricos y fantásticos.

    Un abrazo.

  8. Wondeful ! Magnificent !
    Pretty flowers !

  9. Buenas fotos, felicidades!!


  10. Perfect trees, perfect shots!!!

  11. Expectaculares¡ Preciosas. Felicitaciones. Saludos.

  12. Hola,
    Esta imagen es simplemente una maravilla :)
    Saludos cordiales
    Elisa, Argentina

  13. Paradise!I think this is the perfect season.

  14. A Wonderful Post.
    Spring is Great...

  15. Excelentes en el color y un encuadre perfecto,buen ojo.


  16. Ruma:

    Gracias por tanta belleza!

    Excelentes como todas tus fotos.

    Un abrazo desde argentina.

  17. Sakura Mori...........The magnificient name of the cherry tree itself sound already very wonderful and looking at your magic pictures fullfills this enchanting tree with its delicate petals.......!

    Your presentation of this marvellous tree is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!

    have a happy and sunny day!
    ciao ciao elvira

  18. Espectacular. Lo que me sorprende es la auténtica admiración de los japoneses hacia la floración del cerezo. Aquí en España, parece que estos últimos años la gente empieza a admirar este espectáculo en lugares como el Valle del Jerte en Cáceres y La Vall de Gallinera en Valencia.

    Un saludo.

  19. Et bien bonjour
    Tu vas bien
    Tu sais tes photos sont superbes de belles couleurs du coeur. Que du plaisir de pouvoir regarder ces couleurs. Puis les couleurs font du bien le matin. Ici le temps est bien triste la pluie arrive doucement
    ►Bonne journée

  20. I waiting for the cherry blossoms also in Paris, but it will never be as on your fantastic pictures!

  21. Wow.. i love your shots..beautiful.

  22. more wonderful shots..they are always a pleasure to see anytime if I could:)

  23. ABSOLUTELY Stunning blooms - These are so wonderful - I'd love to have those trees blooming in my yard - To look outside & see those beautiful blooms would brighten even the worst of days!!!

  24. Przepiękne! Miło się człowiekowi robi na duszy, gdy ogląda piękne fotografie tak cudownych kwiatów i drzew.

  25. Beautiful ... like a shining veil of pink silk dropped over the trees....


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