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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Water" Japanese calligraphy

"" (sui, or mizu). It is translated as water.
This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

Etymology : Hieroglyph
The state that
water flows through.

I can understand the conclusion of this kanji most easily.
The creativity of ancient people is splendid.


  1. Well, Well, it look like snow ! Snow's flowers.

    About calligraphy, Just had done a *culturel* shop window about writting in the world. Had done a all pannel only for Japan. I will probably put same pictures, later in the blog.
    A story. First time in Japan was for wold's gold panning competition, in Hokkaido, as I had tell somewhere.

    the story. We had people comming from Sapporo to untertain as with Japane culcure. One of them was *calligraphy*. My first lesson, write my name. I had kept the sheet of paper where my name had been written on for long hours, traveling from Amatombetsu to Tokyo with the train going under the sea, on the long tunnel,one full night, still the sheet of paper in my hand, not to damage it.
    To the end , I had to let it behind. I had to mutch laggage., with battes, long boots, warm jumpers, as in the *north could have been cold. And in Tokyo, wamer as ever. *Double garde robe*.

  2. Water flows - lovely said!
    Thanks for lesson.

  3. Como te he dicho en otras ocasiones, encuentro muy interesante tus escrituras. Muy originales y trazos muy bellos. Saludos

  4. It is same in Chinese 水 and pronounced as "shui". The Chinese were very smart, when they invented these ancient words. I agree with Ruma-sensei.

  5. The simplest of characters, the boldest of strokes.

    I have just noticed the link to Wiktionary - with the oracle bone versions and the stroke order. How wonderful!

  6. You always post beautiful photographs from Tokyo Ruma.. And these are more beautiful with all the spring blossoms and beautiful downtown area.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog
    Have a nice day.
    Costas from Greece


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