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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scent of the Spring

   Ume blossoms have a few characteristic to other blossoms.
   It is the "Fragrance".

   It will be wrapped in a faint but very sweet fragrance when you walk Ume forest.
   This fragrance has the gentleness that is different from all other flowers.

   When blooming is over, the Ume trees prune most branches.
   Vitality is very a strong tree. Of course they resist cold.

   While, the cherry trees don't prune basically.

   The fragrance of Ume blossoms is "The Spring" itself.
   Ume blossoms has been loved in Japan from the ancient times.

   This is the most famous Ume blossoms Japanese poem (Waka) and an artist in the Far East.

    こちふかばにほひをこせよ梅のはな あるじなしとて春なわすれそ 
     菅原道真 (845-903) : 拾遺和歌集

    If an easterly wind blows, please remember a fragrance, Ume blossoms...
    Even if there is not the master (me), don't forget spring.
Sugawara no Michizane (845-903) : Shūi Wakashū

   If your heart and mind walk in Ume forest, I am glad.


  1. Precioso todo tan florido y tan bonito, parece que la primavera quiere aparecer.

    Muy bonitas fotos.


  2. J'adorerais me balader avec toi dans ces sentiers de fleurs odorantes. Passe une belle journée !

  3. I can smell it and feel the warmth of spring. These are wonderful.

  4. Very nice, Ruma ! Very nice !

  5. Zauberhafter Frühlingsduft.
    Schon bald können auch wir Blühende Bäume sehen.
    Grus Hanspi

  6. Fantastic pictures!! I will follow you! come and visit my new blog

  7. Olá, belas cores da primavera...Espectacular.....
    Um abraço

  8. Gracias por mostrar este hermoso paisaje y transportarnos aunque sea unos segundos a tu maravillosa tierra.

  9. Preciosas tomas fotográficas. Bellas. Saludos

  10. Gracias por traernos hasta aquí el perfume de las flores de UME.

    Un placer, como siempre, visitar tu espacio.

    Un saludo

  11. que regalo para mis ojos. Acá sigue haciendo calor, pero se anuncia el otoño, he de esperar lo que se espera para la primavera

  12. Gracias por darme un poco de alegría, mi país está sufriendo,mi patria está de duelo...
    Un abrazo.

  13. Oh, it must be so beautiful to walk through the Ume Forest. I can only imagine.
    Lovely delicate colors.

  14. You sure know the way to my heart. These are so beautiful, I can smell the fragrance!

  15. Lindissimas fotos.
    Um trabalho muito bonito.
    Abraços do Brasil.

  16. Ruma, I want to smell it :D Is there any way you could make the smell come out of my computer? :)

  17. spring is here. well done

  18. These wonderful colored trees look like our many trees in Rhône's Valley, in France...
    The dream of spring...
    Beautiful pictures, Ruma, always!

  19. Hermosas fotografías, Ruma! se puede percibir el perfume de estas delicadas flores.
    Por mis lares, en cambio, está por comenzar el otoño.
    Un abrazo

  20. your pictures are powerful and delicate. they could be from the south os Portugal as well, but the rains of the last weeks have either ruined the blossoms or prevented them to sprout. the winter is still on. there's no hint of spring yet

  21. What spectacularly beautiful photographs of the ume blossoms, Ruma. I would so love to see them...perhaps, one of these days, when I win the lottery. In the meantime, I have put the one on my blog header to add spring brightens, temporarily, to replace the roses scherer arts let me use previously. How nice of you two to share your beautiful photographs.

    I will think of you whenever I see you ume on my header!!

    Thank you so much, Ruma.

  22. Great photographs and depiction of the beautiful orchard. I can only imagine how wonderful it smells there. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Pasate por nuestro blog y recoge el premio que te esta esperando.


  24. These pictures are so wonderful dear Ruma, so delicate and fragile that I would like to speak very softly, so that nothing can disturb this magic.

    Silent Greetings


  25. Encuentro precioso tu nombre Ruma. He intentado buscar en Google que significa y no ha sido posible. ¿Podrías contar algo al respecto?
    Tu blog es bellisimo.

  26. When I see your wonderful pics an read your words, I feel like walking under the trees! Greetings from Luzia.

  27. Very beautiful photos and post, Ruma.
    Is the Ume an almond? The blossoms look very much like the almond blossoms we are seeing here.

  28. ....The dark green of the close hills and the fragility and delicateness of theese blossoms are SUBLIME.....the CONTRASTS are spectacular! fascinating!

    Thank you so much for visiting my Tuscany; your Italian is amazingly perfect; all my COMPLIMENTS !!!!!! I appreciate it very much!

    Have a happy weekend!
    ciao ciao elvira

  29. Ah..I missed alot! Wonderful images..I love happy to see them blooming!

  30. Spring season look like in Africa.

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