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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Warsaw" Japanese calligraphy

"華沙" (War saw). It is translated as Warsaw of Polish capital.
This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

The world main city can be written in Kanji letter.
The kanji is an ideograph, but there is not the meaning in particular on these letters combination themself. However, the individual letter has a good meaning.

Etymology : 
(Flowery)  +   (sand)

It is usage of a special kanji "
ateji" called.
It is post before "
巴里 (Paris) " is use same as like this.

The city name of this kanji is the most gorgeous in the same kind.
I imagine that the ancient people created "華沙" (Warsaw) as the city where flowers bloom.
The combination of this kanji is very good for spring.


  1. Ruma, Warsaw's name has nothing to do with flowers. I guess Japanese or Chinese use this kanji, but that happens because of the ateji.

    The name "Warsaw" comes from a name of a man named "Wars" and "Warsaw" means "City belonging to Wars". :)

  2. I would love to believe that you're right - such a beautiful etymology!
    Thank you for this post:)

  3. Me gustan muchísimo. Felicitaciones por tu buen trabajo. Saludos.

  4. hello.
    Sameone had say the blossom will be ealy this year One lady of my lollowers ( ? ) had put the map on her blog.
    Unlyckely, I never been in Japon durig the cherries blossom. But anyway I enjoy my 2 travels over there.
    Last year, 6 weeks journey gives me the opportunity to do a blog, only for Japan. I am in love vith that country. * Le Japon que j'aime * 'blog.

    Best Regards from Lausanne,Switzerland.

  5. Que preciosidad de lugar,que belleza y que encanto nos muestra...




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