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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has come

It is one of the twenty-four seasons (Solar term) in the old calendar "Shunbun (spring division or center)" on March 21.
As for this, length of Night and Day is the same day.
It is a sign of the full-scale spring in the Far East.

Today is called "Higan", too. It is a Buddhist holiday celebrated in Japan.  
It is the day when they give thanks to ancestors. (Anequinoctial week)

Higan means a state of the realization that escaped from worldly desires.

The cherry tree has begun to flower from the south area.
Cherry blossoms
flowering map of this year.

The place of a famous cherry blossoms information and etc.
I am very sorry that there is not English version.

It is a very short interval, but let's enjoy the beauty of the cherry tree with all of you.

Japanese three major giants of cherry trees
These three of them are registered as the first natural monument of the country on October 12, 1922.

yamataka jinndai "God days" zakura
 (Age over 2000 years old)
Yamanashi Prefecture
 Height of the tree 13.6m, trunk lap 10.6m.
 A giant tree of the maximum grade oldest in Japan.

neodani awasumi "light sumi" zakura
 (Age over 1500 years old)
Gifu Prefecture
 Height of the tree 17.2m, trunk lap 9.1m, the spread are East-West 24m, north and south 21m

miharu taki "waterfall" zakura
 (Age over 1000 years old)
Fukushima Prefecture
 Height of the tree 19m, trunk lap 9.5m, spread east and west 22m, north and south 17m


  1. Oh, Ruma, these are too glorious for words...may I please use them for my blog header? I like to switch it around from time to time. Please, please, please...I will let everyone know it is your incredible photography!

  2. The sky is blue, the grass is green and a sweet scent is in the air. Life is good. Thank you for the taste of Japanese Spring.

  3. Красива е пролетта. При нас все още се бави, но и тук ще цъфнат дърветата...

  4. 21.03.2010 06.30 Uhr
    Ein trüber Tages-Anfang mit Regen und Wind. Die Natur ist in diesem Jahr verspätet, der Frühling wird aber auch bei uns kommen.
    Deine Kirschen-Blüten sind sehr schön ich, liebe diese Blumen.
    Ein lieber Gruss aus der Schweiz

  5. Hola, amiga RUMA.

    Mis excusas, últimamente me despiste un poco.

    Preciosidad de floración del cerezo.
    Por aquí España, ayer 20 de Marzo sobre las 18 PM, pasamos a la primavera.

    En España, Zona Valle del Jerte (Extremadura, cerca de Portugal), también comenzara su floración el cerezo, es un espectáculo, enorme mente atractivo, tiene una gran atracción turística.

    Un ABRAZO, amiga, RUMA.

    Hello, friend RUMA.

    My apologies, I say goodbye a bit lately.

    Flowering cherry darling.
    Over here Spain, Tuesday March 20 on the 18 PM, we went into the spring.

    In Spain, Jerte Valley Area (Extremadura, near Portugal), also began flowering cherry, is a spectacle, great minds attractive, has a great tourist attraction.

    A HUG, friend, RUMA.

  6. Certainly Ruma, the spring has come. Really nice pictures, I love spring and I love the flowers. Your worlds are very interesting,

  7. OMG! Ruma, you live in Paradice???? :)

  8. Happy Spring to you Ruma!!!!!
    The photos of cherry tree are classic - sheer beauty:)

  9. Spring is coming everywhere Ruma..
    I love your photographs of your beautiful country..
    Those gardens and landscapes are amazing..

  10. Beautiful,fantastic of flowering trees :D
    Greetings from Spring Polish :)

  11. Como siempre, un palcer pasar por tu espacio.

    Un abrazo en esta mañana de domingo.

  12. every since I was a little girl I have wanted to be in Japan to see this spectacle.

  13. un lugar para sentarse y esperar que pase la primavera

  14. Ruma I would love you to explain alittle about the map to me. Is that a map that shows where particular cherry trees are in flower this month. I have heard that people travel long distances in Japan to see various cherry trees in bloom and that there is a map - is this it?

    What gorgeous blooms the trees are just laden with blossom.

  15. yes, I agree with everyone the blossoms are to die for.

  16. beautiful flowers on the tree. here a crab apple tree has blossoms like that only a very bright pink. maybe in another few weeks trees and the springs bulbs will be blooming here

  17. Heavenly! The fragrance must be incredible too! Thank you for sharing Ruma! Wonderful photos! ;>)

  18. Bonita tomas,en encuadre y color.


  19. Here the cherry blossoms only in our dreams.

  20. wonderful images..I am so happy spring i here! Sorry for not visitng sooner but have been very busy:)

  21. la primavera ha llegado y nuestros sentidos reviven, al igual que cada ser vivo en esta Tierra!!
    un fuerte abrazo.

  22. I watched a report on the TV saying nobody works today in Japa to to and see and shot the beautiful flowered cherry trees.
    That's right, It is very pretty.

  23. Another wonderful cherry blossoms.

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