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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beautiful Lady and Lake Tazawa

 There is the deepest in Japan Tazawa Lake in Senboku, Akita Prefecture.
 The maximum depth is 423.4m, and the 17th in the world.

 Because a lake is deep, it is not frozen hard.
 And the light of the sun colors a surface of a lake in bright jade green or dark indigo blue.

 The neighborhood is dotted with hot spring hotels surrounded with mountains.
 The hot spring of Akita has very good scenery, and the hot water is white.
 I like hot springs of the winter of Akita most.

 Rice and liquor "sake" are very delicious areas. All the other food, too.
 Akita is one of the places where are most suitable for sightseeing of the nature and foods.

 Because it is a heavy snowfall area, there are only some fine days during the winter.

 Akita is very very famous that there are the many beautiful Lady in Japan.
 A color of the hair and eyes are deep black, and the skin is pure white.
 It is called "AKITA BIJINN" (Akita Beautiful Lady).  

 The most beautiful lady whom I encountered so far was surely a person of Akita...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I love this blog. I never realised just how beautiful Japan is. Have a good weekend Ruma.

  2. Snow, blue skies, blue mountains, and blue lakes make a wonderful tapestry of colors. Very beautiful.

  3. Another beautiful post and another reason for wanting to visit your country!

  4. Whoa, the last picture is indescribable!

  5. Ruma, I am so excited. Lake Tazawa is one place that I have been! I spent three days in Akita when I lectured at the university a few years ago. My friend, Nanako Yoneyama, who teaches at the University of Akita, took us to Kakunodate to see the samurai houses, then we went to Lake Tazawa. What a wonderful stay we had in Akita, with its wonderful sake and beautiful scenery!

  6. Bonjour Ruma, c'est splendide et cela ressemble un peu à nos montagnes de ski !!! Bye

  7. A beauty this place to enjoy a few good vacations.
    A kiss and a happy embrace weekend

  8. Ruma, impresionante relato e imágenes, me permito traducirlo para así yo mismo comprender tus relatos.
    Ruma próximamente publicare unas colecciones de fotos de este TU blog, ya te anunciare será en torno al 19 del presente Febrero.
    Un abrazo vuela rápido camino de ORIENTE.

    Ruma, awesome story and pictures, let me translate it for myself and understand what they tell us.
    Ruma soon publishes collections of photos on this your blog, and you preach, will be about 19 this February.
    A quick way to embrace EAST flies

    Traducción del inglés al español

    No es el más profundo en Japón Tazawa Lake en Senboku, prefectura de Akita. La profundidad máxima es de 423.4m, y el 17 en el mundo.

    Debido a que un lago es profundo, no está congelado duro. Y la luz de los colores del sol una superficie de un lago de azul añil de jade verde brillante u oscuro.
    El barrio está salpicado de hoteles de aguas termales, rodeado de montañas. La fuente termal de Akita tiene un paisaje muy bueno, y el agua caliente es de color blanco.
    Me gustan los manantiales calientes del invierno de la mayoría de Akita.

    El arroz y el licor "sí" son áreas muy delicioso. Todos los otros alimentos, también.
    Akita es uno de los lugares donde son más adecuadas para el turismo de la naturaleza y los alimentos.
    Debido a que es una zona de fuertes nevadas, sólo hay algunos días de buen tiempo durante el invierno.

    Akita es muy muy famosa que hay la hermosa Señora de Japón. Un color del pelo y los ojos son de color negro azabache, y la piel es de color blanco puro.
    Se llama "Akita BIJINN" (Akita Beautiful Lady).

  9. Que lugar mas bonito!

    Un lugar muy relajante y saludable.

    Bonitas fotos.


  10. Siempre maravillándonos con tus fotos que son alhajas...

    Saludos y un abrazo enorme.

  11. Would be fun to sip sake in the hot spring Ruma!!I remember looking at pictures of the National Geographic when I was a kid..You've breathed new life and meaning to the far east. Thanks-

  12. Very beautiful pictures. The last one is incredible!!! And the story is very interesting. Thank you very much Ruma,

  13. Ruma que bonitas fotos, me gustan mucho, un paisaje frio, bastante para mi, je je.
    Unas fotos muy bonitas, gracias por compartirlo.
    saludos desde Almeria.

  14. How beautiful, but it looks so cold. Thank you again for sharing your world with us.

  15. Ruma, I admit, this looks beautiful, however we have so much snow in Europe currently, that I can't wait to be in Taiwan and enjoy the beautiful spring with cherry blossoms. I like sakura more than snow. :)

  16. The lake in the background in the 1st image is INCREDIBLE! I love that shot, however, I really enjoy the snow in the last photo, that's an amazingly beautiful shot!!!

  17. Interestingly, as this is profoundly lake. Should be very good in the midst of so much ice, have hot springs. spectacle.
    Beautiful photos.

  18. Wow...i always admire your shots and your place..really beautiful...

  19. Un lugar lleno de encanto..
    Bellísimas imágenes, bellísima tu tierra!

  20. Beautiful little pieces of winter!

  21. Great shots Ruma, the second photo is simply amazing, it looks like a painting. Love your monochrome shot too.

  22. Your post was like a cool breeze , because the weather has become too hot here.


  23. It seems a very beautiful place. Sure ladies in Akita are the most beautiful ones.


    CristalRasgado & LaMiradaAusente

  24. The snow is so beautiful there. There are wonderful photos. I enjoyed catching up on your blog today. Thank you so much for sharing your life.

  25. Qué lugar más hermoso. Me gustaría visitarlo.

    Las fotos son preciosas.

    Un abrazo. Elsa

  26. Ruma, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for the comments you leave on my blog - They're always so very encouraging! Much appreciated!

  27. These picture are very nice.
    The lake is very large and equally beautiful. The skiers may be drunk on sake but the beauty of this place is sobering. I would love to enjoy a theraputic hot springs on my sore back perhaps the sake would help too.

  28. Bonjour Ruma !
    Je suis allee au lac Tazawa au debut de notre mariage (ca fait longtemps !), mais en plein ete, il y faisait tres chaud...
    Bonne fin de dimanche, regardes-tu aussi les Jeux Olympiques a la tv ?

  29. Stunning scenery, wonderful photos full of light. A fantastic winter world that you show us. Japan is so beautiful!

    liebe Grüße

  30. Bô, beau, beautiful !!!
    Sacré œil !!!
    Sacré regard !!!
    Mais "sacré" au sens étymologique !!!
    Vous êtes quelqu'un de très spirituel Ruma, ça va sous le sens !!!
    Mes amitiés depuis Avignon en Provence (France)

  31. Bo, beautiful, beautiful!
    Sacred eye!
    Sacred look!
    But "sacred" in the etymological sense!
    You're a very spiritual Ruma, it is common sense!
    My friends from Avignon in Provence (France)

  32. Preciosa ultima es magnifica...

  33. esa ultima foto me encanta!
    parece un rompecabezas de nieve, se parece a la vida

  34. Preciosas fotografías. Enhorabuena por tu trabajo. Saludos

  35. Fabulous place and beautiful photos! Your posts are always so elegant and interesting!


  37. Your stunning photos and words inspire a longing in me to visit Akita Ruma! The color of the lake in winter is otherworldly. Beautiful, awesome mountainous landscapes!

  38. «Louis» enjoyed this series of images, Ruma.

  39. snow is very nice!!brrrr,could!

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