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Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Hotoke" Japanese calligraphy

"" (butsu, or hotoke). It is translated as Buddha, Buddhist image.

There is "France" in a special meaning elsewhere.
This is because it is transcribed "仏蘭西" into France in a kanji.
It is abbreviated it, and even a top letter "仏" means France.

This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

Etymology : Because the words called Buddha were very important words, an exclusive kanji called "
" was made in China.
In Japan, it is generaly used in omitted form. Of course original is used, too.

"佛" is
here, look at please.


  1. Butsu is a nice character. I like it very much.

  2. Very bold and beautiful, Ruma, as befits Buddha.

  3. Hola soy Nati, pasaté por mí blog y juega será divertido.

  4. Estou feliz por ter completando as MIL postagem no blogger UMA PAGINA PARA DOIS.
    Vim agradecer por você fazer parte dele com o seu carinho.

    Abraços, te desejo uma linda semana

  5. Beautiful Japanese calligraphy.

    Laby[zoot suits]

  6. im sorry to ask thi because im kinda new in the japanes calligraphy, bu the red square is the sign?


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