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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Trace of Old Dream Ⅱ

The top of the castle is called castle tower "tennshukaku".

It is thrown open now as an observatory.
Good photography is possible.

To look around the inside and outside of the castle.
The symbol of the castle, etc...

The wall is painted with the plaster.

The samurais have to always prepare for many battles.
The entrance consists of it particularly firmly.

I introduce four Japanese national treasures Castle.
Most of these are maintenanced of as construction those days.
Therefore they have attractive characteristics such as structure, interior decoration, treasures...

Himeji Castle / Hyōgo Prefecture
Matsumoto Castle / Nagano Prefecture
Hikone Castle / Shiga Prefecture
Inuyama Castle / Aichi Prefecture

Matsumoto-jo Castle is foundation 1505. I remember that the trace of innumerable swords was left to pillars.

Inuyama-jo Castle is foundation 1469. The descendant of the feudal lord held it personally until late years. However, it was contributed to the country because maintenance cost was enormous.

Most castles are owned by government.

I have been to these two castles.


  1. What a beautiful and fascinating place! Thank you for taking us there! :o)

  2. Castillo Espectacular e imborrable huella del pasado.

    Juan Antonio

  3. Very pretty. There is an award waiting for you at my blog site, if you want it. :)

  4. Agradecida de tanta belleza, me transportas a lugares tan lejanos y tan atractivos de conocer.
    Un beso.

  5. Nice, I have also pictures of Himeji on my blog. Less professional then yours but still ok I think.


  6. Gracias por mostrarnos las bellezas de tu pais.

    Muy bonito. fantastico.


  7. The background of the sky is so beautiful with the incredible buildings in the foreground. Great photos!

  8. Although my country has many castles, I am always amazed, when I see a Japanese castle, because they are so different. I hope one day I will visit a Japanese castle, it's my dream.

  9. Beautiful castle against the gorgeous blue sky. Breathtaking.

  10. Ruma, en tu país hay mucha belleza para disfrutar! gracias por compartirla.
    un beso.

  11. this is an incredible post. fantastic structures, great captures. my dream is to visit your country

  12. Very beautiful architecture. I like very much.
    Thanks to show us this castle.

  13. Que hermosa arquitectura, que magnifica cultura y que bonitas fotografias que nos lo muestra.

  14. Beautiful photos that almost give you a sense of being there.

  15. Ruma, these photos are INCREDIBLE! Very colorful & clear! Great shots, all of them!
    And the history is so interesting - I mean, there's nothing here in America even close to the age of these places!

  16. I just watched the video at the bottom of your page & it was quite beautiful & the song playing is very relaxing. Nice!

  17. ¡Preciosas tomas¡ Impresionante la arquitectura. Gracias por exponernos detalles de esa gran cultura. Saludos

  18. Magestuoso. Viendo estas fotos me dan mas ganas de conocer Japon. Siempre me ha llamado la atencion la tierra del anime.

  19. Hermosas fotos.

    Vuestra arquitectura me hace pensar en una civilización que tiende hacia lo más alto,
    Y que respeta sus tradiciones.
    Me inagino alas que buscan el cielo.

    Gracias por mostrarlas.

    Un abrazo.

  20. Fantastic! I love your big pictures. Thank you Ruma,

  21. A very interesting blog.
    Greetings from creativity and imagination photos of Jose Ramon

  22. Stones and stories, blue sky and History: all is good to make an old dream...
    This place is full of past lives...

  23. Le 1er chateau que j'ai visite au Japon est celui de Himeji, tous ceux que j'ai vu apres m'ont semble insipides.......mais je reve d'aller un jour voir celui de Kumamoto !

    Bon week-end, cher Ruma !

  24. Good shots!!! Original blog!! Congratulations!!


  25. En esta tarde lluviosa de finales de febrero para por tu universo de fotografías es una maravilla... Pasé a saludarte y a echar un ratito por aquí.

    Saludos y un abrazo enorme.

  26. I can only imagine the history of his place. It is a wonderful building and you photographed it very nicely. I feel like I'm walking around and exploring.

  27. these are first, fantastic photos! Well done:) And also, thank you for the story!

  28. I just heard about an earthquake in your part of the world, are you & your family alright? Let us know!

  29. Good to hear you're all alright! Thank GOD! Be safe!

  30. So glad you're safe. These photos of the castle are amazing; so different from the castles in England I've seen. These are beautiful...not at all foreboding.

  31. I'm so glad that you and your family are okay!

    This castle has an incredible charisma, I would love to touch these walls and experience the history first hand ... what a moving moment, these stones have witnessed what a great story was written there! Thanks for these varied impressions, and the excellent background material.

    ganz herzliche Grüße und 運の間で最高の

  32. Very beautiful castle, Ruma. I saw Kyoto Castle, but only from a distance. It is wonderful that these structures are still standing for all to enjoy!


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