Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Paris" Japanese calligraphy

"巴里" (pa ri). It is translated as Paris. Paris is a capital of France.
This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

The world main city can be written in Kanji letter.
The kanji is an ideograph, but there is not the meaning in particular on these letters combination themself. However, the individual letter has a good meaning.

Etymology : 
(greatly desire, anxiously hope) + (village)
It resembles it in merely pronunciation. 
It is usage of a special kanji "
ateji" called.

Perhaps the letter of this city is known most in the Far East.
The reason is because there was the very old movie of this title.
  " July 14th Quatorze Juillet " (René Clair 1933) 
  Japanese title is "Paris Festival ( 巴里祭 )"

The elderly people of the Far East love the sound of this letter and these words.
They may remember some young days.


  1. Bonita y original caligrafía. Enhorabuena. Saludos.

  2. As beautiful as Tour Eiffel!!!!!

  3. Does it mean we'll soon have some pictures from pa-ri ?

  4. Très intéressant comme information !

  5. j'aime aussi la lumière qui émane du premier caractère, noir-doré;

    de tout coeur avec les japonais aujourd'hui, en espérant que le pire sera évité.

  6. Magnificently drawn, Ruma! I especially like the 'ba', your stroke is perfect.

    The characters here don't translate the word 'Paris' with its original meaning, they merely try to resemble the pronunciation of the original word. It is same in Chinese, for example 法國 (France) would literally be translated 'law country', 德國 (Germany) 'country of virtue' and 美國 (USA) 'beautiful country'. In these cases the countries are named after a quality or characteristic. The other case is 意大利 (Italy) which is pronounced 'Yì dà lì' in Chinese and it's merely a resemblance of the English pronunciation of the word 'Italy', but the characters don't add a certain quality to the country's name.

  7. Ah, the whole world loves Paris, I guess, Ruma...but I also love Japan!!


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