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Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Leaves" Japanese calligraphy

"" (yō, or ha). It is translated as leaf, needle, blade.
This character is written by Kanzi,
Semi-cursive script.
Regular script is
here, look at please.

Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
(grass) + phonetic (leaf)

"I hear a sound of the grass..."
It is poetic creation.


  1. La hierba crece sola... me gusta este carácter... es como las hojas, como las agujas... qué hermoso poder oír el sonido de la hierba... uno con ella...
    Un abrazo

    The grass grows by itself ... I like this character ... is like the leaves, and needles ... How wonderful to hear the sound of the grass ... one with it ...
    A hug

  2. Simply beautiful. I like the semi-cursive script more :)

  3. It is remarkable Ruma how your beautiful calligraphy mirrors the beauty in the trees in your post above. I love the immediacy and movement here. "sound of the grass..." I love this and it brings to mind the sounds of the grass along the shores on Cape Cod... or my tall Miscanthus ... I enjoy standing beneath it in the wind... like wind chimes. ;>) Carol

  4. Leaves is something I miss so much! Carol is right - the image morrors the beauty of tree!

  5. Ohayoo, Ruma-sama!
    Ogenki desuka?
    Thanks for Your recent comment in the view of border between North and South Korea.
    As regards Japan, since several years I am searching a border there had been in the Island of KARAFUTO between Japan and USSR until 1945.
    Can You help me?
    Itaria-kara sayoonara!

  6. I can rarely guess the regular version from cursive one. Are there any basic principles behind the cursive forms?

  7. Féérique!
    quoi de plus beau qu'une écriture qui peint la nature?

  8. Bonita caligrafía. Enhorabuena. Saludos.

  9. It seems a whirling blade.
    Wonderful calligraphy!

  10. I like this calligraphy design keep posting your art.

    Laby[grey suit]


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