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Sunday, November 15, 2009

" Congratulations " Japanese calligraphy

   "寿" (ju, or kotobuki).
   It is translated as congratulations, felicitation, celebration, greetings, etc.
   This character is written by Kanzi, Semi-cursive script.

   This character is very famous as "寿司 (su-shi)".
   There are the words called "寿命 life (whole duration of a being) " elsewhere, too.


  1. I must save this so I can try to make a card for those special occasions when "congratulations" are merited. It just looks so much more beautiful than our English written language!

  2. is the calligraphy you show us here on the blog your work?

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  4. Teach me how to write Chinese word.

    Laby[White Suit]


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