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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The preparations in the next season

Small Tanada reclamationed by the seashore side.
Here is Hirado-shi (Hirado-Island), Nagasaki Prefecture.

Hirado-shi is famous for the passing away Christian (Kakure Kirishitan) of the Edo era.  It is a place related to Francisco de Xavier deeply.

The rice after having harvested it is drawn off to keep it.
This is already threshed.

There are a lot of beautiful church and remains of the Christian such a mountainous district and isolated islands.

An original keeping way is still left in this area.

They Christian still does life to respect tradition.

This work to perform in an inconvenient area needs very severe labor. This straw becomes the manure of the next year.

Francisco de Xavier propagated Christianity for the first time in 1549 at the Far East. Nagasaki has a great many Christians.
Almost anyone knows him in this country, even if don't know the name of the prime minister and not a Christian. It may be his influence that Spain and Portugal are very popular in the Far East.


  1. I like the first two photos a lot. Thank you for sharing some of the history of the area.

  2. C'est la culture de riz, c'est merveilleux, quel paysage fantastique !

  3. Very interesting photos. Since this area produces rice, are they also known for making good sake?

  4. Love the 4th photo!
    take care,

  5. qué fotos más preciosas!!

    son una alegoría a la vida en si misma

    un abracito de luz

  6. Que lugares mas bonitos y que colores mas profundos.
    Aqui tambien se recolecta mucho arroz en Calasparra y Valencia.
    San francisco Javier,cristianizo esa parte del mundo!!!


  7. First of all welcome to my blog. I was so happy to see you became a follower.

    I love your pictures and look forward to more of your blog.


  8. I like pictures with lines so I'm enjoy to see your four pictures. Beautiful landscapes.
    But I prefer the last one because it isn't usual to see rice on the road...

  9. Beautiful pictures and a very interesting post.


  10. Beautiful place and loved the first three shots.

  11. Thank you very much for the link to my "Epaminothèque". I'm proud to be here!

  12. you have a prize on my blog:)for your blog

  13. Lindas fotos y como siempre tus comentarios las enriquecen, besos
    PD, qué bueno el traductor en la página!

  14. Wonderful post! Beautiful sceneries!


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