Wednesday, November 25, 2009

" Wonder " Japanese calligraphy

   "" (fu, etc). It is a meaning no, not, etc. It is used as "un-" prefix.
   This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

   "不" originated as a pictographic character which depicted the calyx of a flower.

   It expresses various meanings with the phrase.
   "不変"(fu henn) is a meaning immutability, eternity, etc.
   "不思議"(fu shi gi) is a meaning wonder, strange, etc.

   I guess that it is suitable to express Nature.


  1. As always, Ruma, I enjoy learning about these beautiful characters.

  2. Oh that is so beautiful...I love that! I need to learn the one for "balance"...I do love your blog!!
    Wow..look at all the folks who have found you!! Whoo hoo!!! No wonder - your blog is wonderful!! Sarah

  3. I wonder how the calyx of a flower came to mean "not"

  4. Ya sabés que me gusta mucho la caligrafía japonesa, me llevo el "NO" para mi blog y te dejo un saludo cariñoso.

  5. That is a good one. Another keeper.

  6. I love calligraphy - both Japanese and American. I also like your beautiful blog about Japan.

    I was in Japan in 1953 - 1956 and took many pictures. Times have changed a lot since then.

    I invite you and your readers and visitors to visit my blog and look at the pictures from a long time ago.

  7. I like the calligraphy of you thanks of sharing.

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