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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

" Faith " Japanese calligraphy

"" (shinn, or makoto). It is translated as trust, believe, faith, religious, sincerity, etc.
This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

This meaning keep one's words, a promise.
The left half of this kanji means a human being.
The right half means words.

This letter has many good meanings.
Therefore it is used a lot for the name of the man.

【Greetings to all of you】

I am honored this character being seen in a lot of people, all over the world.
This POST has the most reference number of times.

This calligraphy "FAITH (信)" have the good meanings.
Yes, it is so.
The meanings are the elements which are indispensable for our life.
And they will do the life wealthily...

I am happy that can share the wonderful property of the human with all of you.

Of course, "You become this blog's FOLLOWER"  It is our friend's joy, too.
i very welcome your join...

  God bless you all.
I wish for your peace and happiness.

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  1. "The right half means words."

    You can even see the sound waves coming from the mouth.

    I love the clear bold strokes of the script.

  2. I agree with AB and I really like this image!

  3. Valoro mucho que publiques la caligrafía japonesa, y tu explicaciones son maravillosas, yo las guardo y las voy publicando de a una en mi blog, gracias Ruma.

  4. Do you also use "the far away" kanji as the name of a man?

  5. Que tengas un feliz año lleno de amor y paz y para pedir ,que se cumplan todos tus sueños
    Un abrazo

  6. It God's mean? What exactly?

    Laby[wool overcoat]

  7. I thank and reward the votes of Good Year
    He has not been here for some time, but his images are very beautiful.
    I will try to come here for the year that starts now.
    thank you!


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