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Friday, November 27, 2009

Seal cutting Ⅱ Japanese calligraphy

There are two kinds of rakkann (seal).
The letter that the right side is red. The letter that the left is white.

A red letter is called "shu bun".
(shu bun in Japanese, lit. "red characters" seals imprint the Chinese characters in red ink.)

A white letter is called "haku bun".
(haku bun in Japanese, lit. "white characters" seals imprint the background in red, leaving white characters.)

I sculpt it such an appliance across the stone. The chisel has various kinds depending on the size of the character, the kind of the stone.

I sculpt a letter it while referring to a seal character dictionary.
A calligrapher is a sculptor, too.


  1. This is fascinating! You certainly are a talented individual. Thank you for sharing a bit more of yourself. :o) Have a wonderful day!

  2. It's such a fascinating post! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. Para nosotros ,es una escritura dificil y llena de enigmas...pero me encanta.


  4. Hello from Ohio.

    I like your seals and that you cut them. I used to cut them but used white erasers which was easy to cut. If the design worked out on the white eraser than I used stone.


  5. Qué interesante, Ruma, no conocía estas pequeñas esculturas caligráficas. Es todo un arte, y son arte también tus fotos y comentarios, felicitaciones! Cariños

  6. Thanks for the information Ruma, nice shot.

  7. Are there any customs as to when you use "haku bun" and when you use "shu bun"?

  8. Ruma ... this truly is such a high art form. What a great book of seals to sculpt from. The process is part of the art... times are so different with facebook and twitter, etc. everything instant ... this classic art form connects one to an inner discipline towards a life full of beauty and meaning. Thank you for sharing and teaching! Carol

  9. Fascinating.. the chisel..what is it resting on (looks like a redish wood)is that what you place it in?

  10. They were so small...yet so incredible!

  11. Thank you I think is wonderfull that you give us all your knowledge

  12. Where can I buy that book of calligraphy.

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