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Monday, November 9, 2009

The forest of black pine Ⅱ

   It is a forest called "Matsubara (forest of "Japanese Black Pine") of the rainbow" here.
   It is said that it was named by the total arc form.  

   Here is
Karatsu-shi, Saga Prefecture.

   Beginning, Terazawa Hirotaka of the feudal lord of the Karatsu feudal clan of the 17th century planted trees as a windbreak forest, and to arrest shifting of the sand.

   The person who felled a tree of this forest became the death penalty.

   The collection of fallen leaves as the fuel was assigned to a severe limit.
   The felling is limited now.

   The black pine lengthens while falling down to the landside by the wind from the sea.

   Pine needles gatherd by the manual labor swells in the ground.

   The part of Genkai Seminational Park. The forest of the black pine spreads out in the shape of an arc for about 5km (3.1Mile) in length.
   Because it dies when grass grows on the land as for the pine, it is weeded and cleaning by the hand of the person.

   The forest of black pineⅠ, please
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  1. This forest is very, very the pine takes root and grows well in the sand?

  2. These trees have such interesting shapes and you have done a nice job of photographing them. I have always wanted to visit Japan but have only landed in Tokyo and Okinawa on a couple occasions as I was enroute to and from military assignments in the Far East.

  3. Bonita historia la de estos pinos.

    bonitas fotografias.


  4. Encantador bosque, donde los troncos parecen que danzan sobre el verde tapiz del suelo y las ramas levantan sus brazos dibujando un marco precioso.


  5. I have the same vision than Luis G., especially on the third picture: two bodies are dancing with love.

    Friendly from France.

  6. The trees grow in unique twists. A great place for photography. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Βρίσκω τις φωτογραφίες σου εκπληκτικές!
    Τα τοπία είναι πολύ διαφορετικά απο τις δικές μου παραστάσεις.
    Ενδιαφέρουσες οι πληροφορίες σου.

  8. Un arbre majestueux !

  9. very beautiful trees!.. The effect you put on them is so nice! loved!

  10. I think i will definitely fall in love with your blog ! It is so beautifully delicate...
    (I studied japanese for 1 year, and actually would love to resume...)
    i'll see you soon !

  11. wonderfull photos! very interesting!

  12. Love that 1st tree!! gorgeous!
    Happy new week,

  13. ruma...

    hermosos lugares... los pinos son gigantes con cabellos de alambre... donde vivo está rodeado de pinares también con esa belleza mansa y silenciosa...

    gracias!!! precioso!!!

    hermosos días!!


  14. Beautiful photos! The trees are so very graceful. Thank you for visiting me; it's a pleasure to meet you!

  15. Beautiful forest and interesting history.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Qué interesante Ruma, bellas fotos y comentarios didácticos, ustedes saben cuidar a la naturaleza.
    Una buena semana, besos

  17. I just spent some time visiting your blog, it is absolutely fascinating. The beauty in nature matches the beauty of the calligraphy, there is so much correspondence between the two!

  18. Nice shots and the forest looks beautiful..creative blur on the 2nd picture ;-)

  19. Hi there,

    The pictures are gorgeous! I love this collection of trees. They are very beautiful.

    Best wishes

  20. Your website if very beautiful. I look forward to learning much from your contributions.

  21. I love this forest, it is like a fairytale forest!

  22. Japanin Metsä on kaunista! Suomessakin jossain kallioilla kasvaa kauniita puita. Metsässä on hyvä kävellä. Se rauhoittaa ja siitä Paljon puhdasta happea.

  23. We have very similar pines in my country "Portugal".

  24. I saw you stopped by my blog and came to check yours out. Gorgeous! I love the trees. Where my parents live on the Washington coast they have very similar growth and it is beautiful. One of these days I need to take my camera out there with me! :)

  25. All shots are lovely but the first composition is fantastic and so is the tree shape!

  26. The trees look like they are dancing. I sense movement in the second picture. Very nice!

  27. So refreshing those green environment perfect for relaxing.

    Laby[pimp suit]


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