Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Shinto shrine of a village

   The camellia is a plant of the spring in the world of the haiku.
   However, I think that the elegant red of the camellia just matches a snow scene.

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   There are various Shinto shrines in the Far East.
   There is one built more than 1000 years ago, and appears in The Tale of Genji.

   On the other hand, there is such a Shinto shrine these which does not understand when it was built.  
   An autumn harvest festival was over here.

   It is the small Shinto shrine which villagers have protected jointly. Camellias bloom around, calmly.


  1. Muy bonitas fotografias, la flor es preciosa.


  2. Camellia is so beautiful - your right, it matches snow scene perfectly!

  3. Me gustan todas, pero el árbol es majestuoso. Un saludo

  4. Me encantó la camelia, es una bella flor.
    Ruma lamento lo dificil que se nos hace comunicarnos, veo que no entendiste quienes son Les Luthiers en mi blog. Ellos son muy buenos músicos, inteligentes, cultos, ingeniosos, muy buenos artistas. Hacen humor musical. Tocan muchos instrumentos y cantan diversos géneros musicales, tambien inventan sus raros instrumentos musicales . Son conocidos en muchos paises. Espero que no te canses de tratar de entender el español.
    Gracias por intentarlo siempre.

  5. Great flower photo! I can definitely see it against a snow white background.

  6. I really love those Shinto shrines.

  7. Camellias are so beautiful, no matter what the color. In my birthplace, Georgia, they are almost the first flowers that bloom after the winter season.

  8. That village is so relaxing having more trees and green environment.

    Laby[pimp suit]


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