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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gentle gleam of the Nature Ⅱ

   Both the sun and the cloud change every moment.
   As for same time, there is never it. It is this for an instant only scene.

   The view, the color have already become extinct in the next moment.
   Probably it would be my misunderstanding.

   I may have watched a fantasy. It seems to be the life.


  1. capturing the essence
    of each moment as if it
    were the last one

  2. Bonitas puestas de sol, magnificas, las dos primeras con esos tonos dorados son de lujo.


  3. The clouds reached for the zenith in a most beautiful way almost becoming overexposed but not quite. Lovely instants.

  4. The sun, clouds, and sea -
    Create beauty for you and me!

  5. Hoy estás hecho un poeta, muy lindo lo que escribiste. Me hizo recordar una canción que canta Caetano Veloso, que dice: nada de lo que fue será del mismo modo que fue hace un segundo, todo pasa, todo siempre pasará...
    Que tengas un lindo fin de semana, besos.

  6. life is more beatifull that fantasy, fantasy is limited by intelligence and logic Nature has no limits
    Thanks for your skys

  7. I've enjoyed both views..the fact you have more sky in the first and more ocean in the second..capturing the quiet activity with the mountain's beyond.
    I have to say, ya..(that moment, you in) but it does pass quickly.
    Also, I'm looking at another place (just that much different from my land) but do feel the draw in that second one. Were you just sitting on a rock..and is this a spot you frequent? Awesome-

  8. Profundidad y vistosidad. Buenas tomas. Saludos.

  9. Fill our eyes with this light, every moment of our life.
    Make provisions of beauty for dark and bad days...

  10. Your eye captures a second and sends its beauty round the world. I am thankful for your minds eye and soul that frame fleeting moments. Beautiful photography of Natures gifts. Regards from Massachusetts, Carol

  11. these are very intimate moments between nature and oneself. and so beautiful too.


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