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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shichi-Go-San pray in a Shinto shrine

Parent and child go and worship at a Shinto shrine or a temple.

It is the moon thanking for finishing gain in November of the old calendar to God by the crop. On 15th that was the day of the full moon of the month, we served as the thanks of the crop to the patron saint and thanked for the growth of the child and came to pray for protection.


  1. what a lovely beautiful celebration!

  2. Ruma, the Japanese have the most beautiful traditions and ceremonies. In the U. S., we rarely see our children so nicely dressed, showing respect in shrines and temples and it does ones heart good to see this kind of respect continuing in some parts of the world.

  3. I like Japanese culture and their traditions..

  4. The clothing, and tradition is very beautiful. What a special day it must be.

  5. Que guapos y bonitos van los niños,tradiciones muy diferentes a las nuestras, pero igualmente bellas.


  6. Very interesting! I hope to visite Japan soon!!
    Ciao Marco

  7. I like the Japanese culture in fact they have similarity with CHinese.

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