Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Autumn Haiku" Kobayashi Issa

This haiku is written by Hiragana and Kanzi letter, Semi-cursive script.
It was created by
Kobayashi Issa.
He is one of the most famous
haiku poets.

The reading of is as follows.
名月(めいげつ)を とってくれろと  泣(な)く子(こ)かな。  小林一茶
meigetsu wo   totte kurero to  nakuko kana    kobayash iissa
This haiku means a thing such as interesting next.
My child cries that I take the autumn splendid full moon to me.

This is one of the works which are the most famous in haiku.
I think that this haiku expresses two things.
The autumn moon is beautiful so that even a child praises the beauty.
And, though child is selfish, I love him. (He loses his child looked forward to.)

The next haiku is famous in his work, too.
It is a work of a profound meaning.
露(つゆ)の世は  露(つゆ)の世(よ)ながら さりながら
Tsuyu no yo wa  tsuyu no yo nagara  sari nagara

The world of dew --
A world of dew it is indeed,
And yet, and yet . . .

Expression beyond the common sense is possible by short words in the world of the haiku.


  1. Como gotas de rocío en la escritura... y sin embargo, y sin embargo...

  2. Issa is one of my favourite haiku poets. He is a master!
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. ruma...

    expresan un mundo en pocas palabras y los dejan en los ojos del alma!!!




  4. I like reading a lot haikus (in french, of course!) ans sometimes, when the moment is funny for me or when I see special pictures, I write my 3 littles sentences and i'm happy...
    Unfortunately, my name isn't Bashô! ;o)

    I like the moon, very much and your pictures are wondeful.

    A good thing: all men all over the world have the same moon!

  5. Merveilleuses, ces images de lune derrière les nuages. J'aime beaucoup.

  6. Querido Ruma, maravillosa luna semioculta entre las nubes. El poema es la síntesis de la belleza. Besos

  7. As beautiful as it is indecipherable.

  8. simply splendid! i love the way you separated the two images, the autumn moon and the crying child... and the way you wrote "child", it really shown how cute and wagamama the child is :-)

  9. I want to learn Chinese language.



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