Monday, October 19, 2009

The building of the ancient times

   Because two God is worshiped here, there are two main shrines.
   This is the first it (ichino miya).

   The Shinto shrine is assembled without using the nail basically.
   Therefore a building is left from the times of the ancient times.

   Japanese carpentry specialized carpenter called (miya daiku) builds the Shinto shrine with a particular skill.  
   This is the second it (nino miya).

   The garden is swept every day.
   The footprint disappears on the day.

   It says a garden lantern(ishi tōrō) that there is on both sides in front of the main shrine. 
   A orange colored thing is a sacred lot (omikuji).

   The Shinto shrine has been protected from anyone carefully.
   So far and still in eternity.


  1. I wonder what that red box is. Looks like a post box but probably isn´t.

  2. The frame of this building looks like a soaring bird. As if the build is about to take flight.

  3. Beautiful, a world completely different from mine, beautiful photos, congratulations.

  4. Seguimos recorriendo lugares muy interesantes,cargados de bellas fotos.


  5. Me gusta ese tipo de carpintería en el que no se pone ni un sólo clavo... se ha de ser muy habilidoso. Como lo describen muchos al hablar del Tao, ese modo perfecto de hacer el trabajo... ser uno con el...
    Me inundaré de la energía que irradia este satuario para sentir y vivir bajo la protección de este lugar.

  6. Where is that temple?

    Laby[pimp suit]


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