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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Legendary Shinto shrine

   This Shinto shrine is named Mirror Shinto shrine(kagami jinnja).
   This is the legendary
Shinto shrine which there is from the ancient times about 1700 years ago.
   There is it in
Karatsu-shi, Saga Prefecture.

   God dedicated to by here is
Empress Jingū (170-269).
   She performed religious service at the time of war here and dedicated a mirror.
   This area of circumference is named mirror, too.
   Another one is fujiwara no hirotsugu(?-740).

   We rinse out a mouth and hands before entering the precincts of the Shinto shrine.
   This is called a
small pavilion with water and ladles (chouzuya, or temizuya).

   There is the normal in the one side of the approach to a shrine, but there is it on both sides here.
   It is very excellent structure.


  1. Precioso santuario y bonita historia.


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  5. I think the Shinto Shrines are very inspiring. I hope to visit one someday.

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  7. Great place, so peaceful and quiet!
    Thank you for English summary of Zen Prose.
    Have a nice day.

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