Sunday, October 25, 2009

The island of the illusion

A daredevil man do fishing without attaching a life jacket.
He does not know where himself is. It may be a human being.

There is the very dangerous and beautiful place where the angler of some lost their life. Now, his life may be lighter than one fish.
There are only him and me here.
We can look at the island of the illusion slightly on the horizon.

Birds · · · birds are freedom eternally.
And they may be safer than a human being.
Because they do only that themself can do it.
And they are satisfied with it.

Yes. I should know those man is necessary, shouldn't it ?

However, as for life being an illusion, both that man and the bird may be the same.

The monument of the cape had seen all.


  1. Your photos are great! It´s always nice to come back here! It makes me want to take new photos!

  2. Great pictures and maybe it will be the fish that catches the man.

  3. ruma...

    agua... movimiento... vuelo... libertad!!!



    hermosos días!!!

  4. The rock where the fisherman stands is fantastic! Beautiful pics!

  5. lovely thoughts you offer us to consider
    so much beauty around you


  6. La isla de la ilusion parece muy peligrosa,tranquila y tremendamente bonita.

    Feliz fin de semana


  7. beautiful place. I would not mind sitting there myself. :) No standing up though.

    Thanks for the nice comments at my birdblog. You are very poetic.

  8. photos superbes !

    bon dimanche et bonne semaine ;O)

  9. Your photos are breathtaking!

    Thanks for stopping by Willow Manor. Hope to see you again soon.

  10. Excellent images and do poetic. I am enjoying your photos. Your site is wonderful. I have signed up as a follower and I look forward to more great images. Your calligraphy is amazing.

  11. I don't know how you came across PICTURES JUST PICTURES - but I'm glad you did - and am very proud that you have become a follower.

    Every year, it seems to me, the sea takes someone from the coastline near where I live. Sometimes it is simply because fishing is a dangerous industry. Sometimes it is because people don't respect the sea and stand on rocks at the wrong moment - for the fun of it.

    There is a rock called The Pulpit Rock not far from where I live and people climb up it - very high . . . and it is worrying seeing them up there - just as you are worrying about the man in the photos.

    Interesting thought about the birds.

    Oh - and a final word - you say in your profile about wanting to let people know about the Far East. With your blog, you must surely be raising people's knowledge of and interest in Japan. Very impressed!


  12. Strong tides do you have catch fish there?

    Laby[wool overcoat]


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