Friday, October 23, 2009

The dedication tree to God

This is a state when dedicate a tree to Ise-jingu Grand Shrine.
They give thanks to God of the tree to cut down from now on.
This act of God is called "mitsuogiri".

The Shinto priest purifies the tree.

Only the woodcutter be chosen cuts a tree only with an axe surely.
Because it is a holy place, all of them wear white clothes and a white tabi.

It is a holy mountain and tree of special God.
There is in Kiso City, Nagano Prefecture.
The height has this tree more than 25 meters, more than 300 years old.
This mountain is called a misomayama. 御杣山(みそまやま)」

It make progress with 300km carefully from here Kiso City to Isesh City, Mie Prefecture.
The sacred tree takes four days by the way of the person.

Dedication tree to Ise-jingu Grand Shrine of Japanese God.

The carpenter purified processes a tree.
They are specialized carpenters making a Shinto shrine and a temple. They are called a "miya daiku".

All ceremony takes eight years from May, 2005.
It performs 30 festivals and events in the meantime.
Ise-jingu Grand Shrine is completed newly in October, 2013.
The rebuilding called "shikinenn sennguu".

It is performed every 20 years, and it is the 62nd by this time, from the ancient times 1240 years ago.

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  1. Un acto muy bonito.

    El arbol tiene que ser grandioso y muy bonito.
    El transporte del arbol tiene que ser muy laborioso.


  2. What a ritual!... very interesting and beautifull photos!
    ps. thx for your visit on my blog!

  3. Recibí tu visita en mi blog, es maravilloso comunicarse con una persona sin hablar los dos el mismo idioma, en mi caso es fácil, tus hermosas imágenes no necesitan traducción.
    Cariños, buen fin de semana

  4. It is very similar to the sledge party of "pino marro" (Marro pine), in the village of Descargamaría (Cáceres, Extremadura, SW of Spain)



  5. It's so incredible ceremony. Thank you for making your culture closer!

  6. This is an incredible story. So much respect and consideration for the life of a tree. This feels perfect to me. If only we were all this way with all life!

  7. This is a wonderful post on a ceremony I've never heard of before. Thanks for the great coverage.

  8. Thank you for coming to visit me,
    so I could discover your fantastic blog.
    Visiting Japan is one of my dreams.
    I will start reading your blog!

  9. It is, indeed, an honor to be able to share in this special ceremony through your narrative and beautiful photography. I have a special feeling for Japan because of dear forensic nursing colleagues and friends there and treasure memories of my brief visits there, twice, in the past four years.

  10. I like the way they build shrine.Japanese have a wonderful tradition.

    Laby[big suits]


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