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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

World oldest Tale, and Tanka in it

   A thin light lighting up the household Shinto altar is seen in the depths of the shrine.

   There will be a festival to thank God by a good harvest tomorrow in this Shinto shrine with today.
flag(nobori) to tell about a festival stands.

   This Shinto shrine comes out to The Tale of Genji created by Murasaki Shikibu (973-1014).
   It is Chapter 22 Buddhist angel's hair decorations (tamakazura "Jeweled Chaplet").

   It is a tanka written to The Tale of Genji that it is carved here.
   It is that
Hikaru Genji (He is a chief character of this story) gave to a princess.
   This tanka is the content expressed the love.

   The meaning is the following thing.
   "If I do not love princesses, I accept any kind of punishment. I promise it to God of this mirror Shinto shrine (kagaminokami)."  

    君(きみ)にもし 心(こころ)たがはば 松浦(まつら)なる
    kiminimoshi  kokorotagawaba   matsuranaru

    鏡(かがみ)の神(かみ)に かけて誓(ちか)はむ
    kagaminokamini      kaketechikawamu

    It is not possible for me even to imagine the front more than 1000 years.


  1. Precioso lugar!!!
    me abres un mundo bellísimo!!

    me quedo leyendo!! y lamento que no tengas el traductor... de todas maneras recurro al de este servidor...


  2. Thank you for the link, it's a honour.
    You have a very interesting blog. So, I'll see you son.
    Greatest from the far west.

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