Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morning open market

He dries it while turning a cuttlefish. It is modernized a little.

Most people are made to buy something when they walk here.

The thing which is necessary for life is sold entirely here.

However, it is a very low price.

We can eat the world's best sashimi (sliced raw fish) in this port. Because most of its live and move. Probably the all of you may not believe my words. The sashimi is transparent. It moves when I pick it up with chopsticks.
I'm really sorry to a person disliking sashimi.
If you like it, please click here (this still lives). You will understand that I say the truth.

You who like sashimi. Please come here. To here the west edge of Far East, WELCOME!!


  1. Very interesting pictures from an interesting landscape, Ruma!
    Kind regards from Steven D!

  2. Transparent but moves?...I have no idea what it is but it doesn´t sound that good, to be honest!:-)

  3. I've never been to Japan, but I just love asian markets! There are so many different things from what I'm used to see here. The first shot is fantastic, so colourful and eye-catching! Arigato! :-)

  4. I just love the photos of the market here!
    I've never tied sahimi, but I love sushi and miso soup, so probably would like it as well:)
    Have a great day.

  5. No estoy acostumbrada a comer pescado crudo, pero se lo ve apetecible. Besos


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