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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Haiku" Bashō Matsuo

This haiku is written by Hiragana and Kanzi letter, Semi-cursive script.
It was created by Bashō Matsuo.
He is one of the most famous haiku poets.

I scatter letters and write it to make you look beautiful as for this calligraphy.
Therefore, the left cannot read from the right.
This is called "chirashi" technique.

This poetry means a thing such as interesting next.
Night has grown when I watched the autumn splendid moon which moved while reflecting in the pond.
The reading of is as follows.
名月(めいげつ)や 池(いけ)をめぐりて 夜(よ)もすがら。  芭蕉
meigetsuya     ikewomegurite  yomosugara.   Bashō

This haiku expresses the moon reflecting, and himself whom admires the moon forgot time.
It praises beauty of the moon indirectly.

There is the short inside big world in the haiku.
It becomes the world culture now.
What a wonderful!!


  1. I love Basho's haiku. Pretty calligraphy!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Basho is one of my favourie haiku poets and I'm really happy to see it here in this form!

  4. Your enthusiasm is infectious! The calligraphic marks are quite beautiful, in and of themselves. Thank you, again, for sharing!

  5. What is the meaning of those calligraphy?

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