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Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Earth" Japanese calligraphy

   This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.
   "地" (chi, or tsuchi). It is translated as Earth, Soil, Land, Place, etc.

   Please look at next these how about some knowledge.
   It is one of the five elements (Japanese philosophy).
   The five elements are, in ascending order of power,
風 (fū or kaze) Wind, 水 (sui or mizu) Water , 地 (chi or tsuchi) Earth , 火 (ho, ka or hi) Fire and 空 (kū)"Void"or"Sky" or this one.


  1. The tourists in Japan may read this ideogram in the cards to travel by underground railways. In fact, on such cards there is written 地下鉄 (=Chikatetsu), meaning "The iron-under-the ground"... namely, the underground railway.

  2. Another important word to my collection:)
    Thank you for presenting them here!

  3. Nice bold calligraphy. May I ask if you draw these characters yourself, Ruma? I also wonder what scale these are. This one looks like it was big in the original.

  4. I want to learn calligraphy writing.

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