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Sunday, October 25, 2009

" Fly " Japanese calligraphy

    "飛" (hi, or tobu). It is translated as fly.
   This character is written by Kanzi ,
regular script.

   This character has the form that a big bird flaps the wings.
   The movement is magnificent.

   These lines remind the audience of the Motion.
   The force of each line is stout, and sharp.

   Calligraphy is the art of the character.
   Everyone must be readable.

   Character which can't read is a mere line.
   Yes. The art of lines will be possible, too.

   However. The art of Japanese calligraphy must be beautiful form.
   Everyone can understand the meaning, reading of character.

   A sharp line, beautiful form.
   It is Japanese calligraphy.


  1. Learning Japanese for now about a year and a half this was for sure of interest. Am currently able to read and write 150 kanji signs, this is the last one.
    All the best for the new week.

  2. I have tattoo like that.



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