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Monday, October 26, 2009

Inkstone of the calligraphy

It is Inkstone that it is put centrally.
It is about 10kg : 350 ounces.
Length about 40cm : 16inch, Width about 15cm : 6inch

It is cut a big stone in half aside. When I do big calligraphy, I use it. 

It is small inkstone (Length about 20cm : 7.8inch) and Inkstick. I usually use this . 
This inkstone is Duanshi stone (Japanese: Tankei) from Duanxi.
It is one of Four Famous Varieties.

The far East culture is very fond of four word couplets, and the Four Treasures are another example: "文房四寶: The Brush 筆(fude)、The Ink stick 墨(sumi)、The Paper 紙(kami)、The Inkstone 硯石(suzuri isi),"
"The four jewels of the study: Brush, Inkstick, Paper, Inkstone."

Please watch my ink stick, click here.
Please watch my ink brush, click here.


  1. Beautiful post! The first shot is so lovely and the cut stone so amazing!

  2. Super Posting! Great.
    Kind regards from Steven

  3. Thank you so much for following my poetry blog! I will visit yours again :-)
    With kind regards

  4. I more than agree with JM and Steven D.

  5. Bonitos y curiosos utensilios, fotos muy bonitas.


  6. There is beauty in every step of calligraphy including the stones,containers,brushes,paper and even the process.

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  8. What are those things? Ancient item?

    Laby[White Suit]


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