Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Far from the big city

It is the port of the Japanese west edge here, Yobuko-chō, Saga Prefecture.
It is a very inconvenient place here. It is only the sea that here is.

Because a good cuttlefish is unloaded, this port is very famous.
There is Korea in the 100 miles north from here, more than 600 miles to Tokyo (about the same distance to Shanghai).

She draws off the cuttlefish took in the vicinity of a border.
It eats as sashimi and a dried fish. It is about one piece of 2USD (1.3EUR).

When I go to the morning port, I get well. The reason is because energy of the life overflows from a strong woman. All of them seem to look so look happy to me.
A lot of people come by staying overnight at this port only to eat sashimi from far away.


  1. Hi...nice place you have there..thanks for visit my blog :-)

  2. A very nice place. It's interesting to see the people doing their jobs. I have never tasted cuttlefish is it good?

  3. Bonito puerto.

    Una peculiar tradicion la de la sepia,con tigo aprendemos mucho de vuestra tradicion.


  4. beautiful place, I like two last photos showing people working.

  5. beautifull landscapes! I see you really love nature and learned very well how shooting it! It´s always nice to came back here! and thanks for your visit!

  6. What a fantastic blog. I'm going to start following this one. Thank you for sharing your country.

  7. Your blog is soooo lovely. I'll add you to my favourite blog list.
    Take care,

  8. A port of fishermen in the ocean, what could be more beautiful, congratulations.

  9. Hola querido Ruma, me gusta mucho visitarte, adoro las fotos y los comentarios, un pedido: por favor un traductor de la página pleace!

  10. Πολύ όμορφες εικόνες, θα ήθελα πολύ να πάω στη Ιαπωνία γιατί θαυμαζω τη τέχνη και το πολιτισμό τους.


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