Thursday, October 29, 2009

The expression of the ocean, The farewell rock

The fisherman fishes in the vicinity of Korea border of about 100 miles front north from here.
This area where a wave is very loud, and fast flow of the tide.

It is called "The Genkai Nada (sea)" in particular.
Several fishermen can't come home every year.
If the sea is calm, we can watch like that ship.  However, when wind blows, a ship enters between waves and cannot watch the figure.

Some cuttlefish are drawn off like his decoration.
However, it is not proud of the achievements of his fishing.
Its may be the reward that he can standing here until his age.

Anyway he is perfectly happy, I know.  Why?
Now, he can see "The farewell rock", can't it?


  1. Nice place..wish i can be there and fishing..

  2. OHHH! that sounds a bit dangerous, doesn't it?!
    Take care,

  3. Bonita foto del anciano pescador.


  4. The rock stands all alone, very impressive!
    Fishermen have no easy life anywhere in the planet...

  5. The farewell rock is amazing. Do people climb on it?

    A beautiful area, and beautiful photographs.

  6. A beautiful image, its great to see such places, congratulations.


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